Company Information
  • Q: Question about Weston's relationship to ASIC and not to Anchor P&C?

  • Q: Who is Weston Insurance Company (“Weston”)?

  • Q: What type of insurance does Weston offer?

  • Q: Is Weston considered an “Excess & Surplus” or an “Admitted” carrier?

Financial Stability
  • Q: Does Weston have a rating acceptable to the secondary mortgage market?

  • Q: Does coverage from Weston meet the security requirements of the secondary mortgage market?

  • Q: What is Weston’s current statutory policyholder surplus?

  • Q: Does Weston currently have a reinsurance program in place, and if so, what does it look like?

Products and Coverage
  • Q: What is windstorm insurance coverage?

  • Q: What coverage does Weston offer?

  • Q: How can I purchase insurance from Weston?

  • Q: Do homeowners policies include coverage for losses from windstorm or hail?

  • Q: Do I still need windstorm or hail coverage if I do not have a mortgage on my property?

Policy Information
  • Q: How do I contact Weston?

  • Q: How can I pay my insurance bill?

  • Q: How can I report a claim?

  • Q: What payment plans does Weston offer?

  • Q: How do I change my mailing / billing address with Weston?

  • Q: Can I change the coverage, deductibles or insured values on my Weston insurance policy while there is an active hurricane or tropical storm?

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